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According to statistics, from 2006 to 2016 in 10 years, the fast food industry average growth of more than 20% in China, and barbecue industry is the food industry is the most profitable, the fastest growing industries. As people's living standards improve faster and faster, the trend of urbanization, the population flow is more and more big, also brings the diversification of consumption habits, baking has already become an indispensable part of many consumers in the diet.

 Although after ten million years of human history development, but the barbecue food love remains, so far all over the world also have the habit of eating barbecue. Barbecue has become the daily life and holiday leisure indispensable movement,and to burn oven, oven, barbecue tools also gradually became the family essentialequipment. In recent years, the rise of Chinese barbecue industry along with the leisure economy has developed rapidly, the leisure, green, health, become a new barbecue fashion. Barbecue taste, ingredients scope expands unceasingly, themarket has huge potential.

The China international barbecue and supplies exhibition "" CBE (China barbecue show) with" healthy barbecue concluding business opportunities "as the theme,the authority jointly organized by China food industry association, is scheduled for

Apr 19-21 2018 in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing was held. With well-known bakery food processing exhibition at the same time, size of 40000 square meters, is expected to audiences break through 50000 person-time. Isbarbecue equipment, supplies, barbecue vendors enterprises themselves in the big stage, is also a barbecue lover's paradise. We will focus on inviting global barbecue grill also developed the United States, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Europe and other organizations to participate in the event, CBE is the barbecue industry event of communication; Is the world's barbecue industry stage.

Exhibition grounds

  consists of authority units in the industry. 

  It’s the most authoritative exchange and cooperation platform for China’s Barbecue Industry, and the only market opportunity you should not miss!

 Cbe and the well-known CFIE will be held in the same period and place.

 The Exhibitions will create magic advertising effectiveness and unlimited business opportunities.

 Gold schedule: In early oct every year, it is the best exhibition time for Barbecue Industry . 

Why exhibit ?

CBE with top exhibition and seamless connection with a large number of buyers.

CBE buyers with great purchasing demand  Takeout

High media exposure. A hundred or more industry media, bilingual news media and radio stations will report the event intensively.

 leading exhibition agency with rich experience has power in attracting international visitors and exhibitors.

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